Landscaping Services

Black Diamond Landscape & Irrigation LLC in Redmond, Oregon design team will help you envision the landscape process and results before landscape construction begins.

We are experienced working with residential and commercial properties, understand the challenges of Central Oregon's changing climate, and use a wide range of trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers suitable for the Cascade Mountain range. We service Redmond and Bend, Oregon and their surrounding areas.

New Home Landscape Installs

You might be surprised just how amazing your yard and garden could look with landscape design services from Black Diamond Landscape & Irrigation LLC in Redmond, Oregon. We have more than 8 years of experience creating beautiful landscape designs, installing new landscapes and hardscapes, and maintaining beautiful yards and gardens throughout the Central Oregon area.

Enticing outdoor spaces begin with the design. Our expert landscape design team understands the elements that are required to achieve breathtaking, sustainable, and low maintenance landscapes. The basic components of landscape design are color, form, line, scale, and texture. A thorough understanding of these five design elements are critical when designing hardscapes; such as patios and custom firepits, and softscapes; which include gardens, trees, shrubs and lawn areas.

Irrigation Systems & Sprinkler Blowouts

Having a healthy, beautiful lawn requires an efficient and well-designed irrigation system. From drip, to xeric, to large-scale rotor systems, our skilled technicians can design an irrigation system to fit your needs and provide the maintenance to keep it running at its best. And remember that our team of landscape experts can also help you with all your repair, winterization like sprinkler blowouts, and all your spring activation needs.

Custom Hardscapes & Low Voltage Lighting

When some homeowners in the Central Oregon area think about outdoor lighting, they may only note line voltage lighting attached to their house (carriage lights, soffit lights, porch lights, flood lights, etc.). However, most homeowners today consider outdoor lighting to include all lighting outside of their homes - whether it be low voltage landscape lighting or line voltage architectural lighting.

We create captivating displays that transform your property. From string patio lights to yard illumination to highlighting landscapes and gardens, our team can do it all.

Landscape Water Features

Landscape water features in Central Oregon are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home. At Black Diamond Landscape & Irrigation LLC in Redmond, Oregon, we can help you design, install and maintain water features of all styles, from a pondless waterfall that welcomes guests in your front yard to a custom creation that transforms your backyard into a Cascade Mountain escape, complete with ponds, streams, and waterfalls.

Think your yard is too small? Let our experts create a water feature in even the tightest spaces such as side yards, entryways, and sloped areas. Get in touch with us today to learn more about:

  • Contemporary Water Features
  • Custom Water Features
  • Pondless Water Features

Xeriscape, Pavers, Plants & Sod

Xeriscape is a specific type of low-water usage landscape design approach that is ecological, sustainable, and beautiful! By using drought-resistant flowers, shrubs, and trees that are well suited for Central Oregon's dry climate, your landscape will not just survive but will thrive all year round. Imagine enjoying watching your landscape transform from early Spring with buds and blooms to lush Summer shade. Vibrant Autumn leaves and flowers bring another burst of color and the winter frost and snow provide a glistening protective blanket throughout your entire yard. All the while you are also enjoying the money savings from using less water on your landscape and enjoying a landscape that has been designed to need less maintenance!